Documented Disobedience I

Bernhard Bischoff

Bernhard Bischoff

Click here to view the collection on the State Library of Western Australia’s website

This link will take you through to a collection of documents regarding a proposed park land – the Preston River to Ocean Regional Park (PRORP) in Bunbury, WA. These press clippings, land surveys and reports follow a chronology from 1975 to 2014 providing a fascinating insight into a specific area of land.

The core aim PRORP is to preserve a nature belt; a strip of native bushland reaching from the Preston River to the ocean that acts as a corridor, preserving the area’s flora and fauna that inhabit this unique, transitional environment.

IMG_3143The roughly cut, foam core shape represents the buckle of that nature belt. It embodies the DIY aesthetic of protest objects. Bischoff says that this belt has become a symbol for “the motivation behind my decades of fighting Bunbury Council’s development plans … to protect the continuous East-West vegetation link from  the Preston River to the Ocean, a belt of remnant vegetation unique in the Coastal Plain where fragmentation of bushland has become the rule”.

The faded gold paint shows the buckles age. In fact, this is not the first time that the buckle has made an appearance at BRAG; it was first exhibited 20 years ago and now serves as a poignant reminder that the belt is still not complete.




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