Once Upon A Time

Tanya Downs


Tanya Downs, Iron Bark II (detail), mixed mediadetail2Tanya Downs, Once Upon A Time (detail), Mixed media on embosed paper

This series of artwork was created to provoke viewer attention regarding society’s collective responsibility to preserve and nurture human relationship and harmony with the land. Don’t let our forests become a ‘once upon a time’ story, for our generations to come.

Once Upon A Time voyages between untouched beauty and the alarming reality that our forests are under threat. The gallery space theme of ‘transplanting activism’, has re-engaged a personal passion, highlighting conservation issues, such as the precious preservation of biodiversity in our South West Forests. This artwork was created from a personal photo where a forest ‘full of life’, had just been surveyed, numbered and tagged for clearing. The use of print, photo-shop and rusted iron, were all materials chosen to express the duality of the forests haunting beauty and age, together with, the inevitable mortality accompanying this notion.

IMG_3174 - Copy

Tanya Downs, Iron Bark (I, II and III), mixed media

The Triptych series titled Iron Bark focuses on the alarming growth of urban sprawl. This phenomena places great demand on natural resources, infrastructure and services, which inevitably contributes to problems of land clearing, dry-land salinity, soil erosion, pollution, transport related emissions and invasive species on our environment.


Tanya Downs, Cross-Habitat, Human hair and mixed media

Cross-Habitat counter-plays between diversity and consumerism. This artwork is a signature piece using human hair felting, both natural and hand coloured, McDonalds wrappers and hand stitching.




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