Amanda Doust

Deterritorialisation I

Amanda Doust, Deterritorialisation I, Photography

Protesting against environmental, emotional and spiritual destruction.

Let us get our act together and be courageous

I am both excited about the future of the South West and hold grave concerns for the future of the South West.

Do the leaders of the South West have the courage to conserve the much loved natural assets that this region has to offer? Assets that are unique to this part of the world.

Do they have the courage to say no to developers and industry whose only priority is to profit?

Do our leaders have the courage to say these areas are not for sale?

The South West is in a position to move into the future leading the world in “sustainable progression”. A future where human beings and nature are able to co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner.

In reference to scepticism surrounding human induced climate change. I feel there are two issues: climate change and the fact that human beings are plundering, polluting and displacing each other and the environment.

The later cannot continue, so let’s not get bogged down on the debate of whether human beings are or aren’t inducing the climate change.

We must change the way we live on this planet to a sustainable one.

The debate regarding whether we are or aren’t is side stepping and delaying the necessary action that just has to be taken.

No more excuses – let’s just get our art together and be brave.

From Amanda Doust’s letter in the “mysay” press clipping (below) 

Deterritorialisation IV

Amanda Doust, Deterritorialisation IV, Photography



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