The Tree Suitcase

Donna Fortescue


Donna Fortescue, Suzuki Tree Suitcase (detail), Mixed media

The distinguished scientist, environmentalist and bestselling Author David Suzuki once wrote a children’s book titled “The Tree Suitcase.

The question presented in this little story was – How do you take your country experience back home to the city?

Is it that easy?

What will we do when these environments no longer exists?

Do our leaders really care or are they bound up in paperwork and red tape?

Are the decisions they make already too late to save the environment and do we really care enough to make a difference?

By asking ourselves and other these questions – we may be able to bring a greater awareness of the beauty that surrounds us.


Donna Fortescue, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Mixed media


Donna Fortescue, Signed, Sealed, Delivered (detail), Mixed media




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