Environmental activism can often take the form of social disobedience – wether that be through protests, or simply by bucking consumerist trends to live in a more sustainable way. We want to transplant this activism into the gallery space.

The Transplanting Disobedience exhibition has now come to an end, however, the project lives on with this archive blog. Keep an eye out as we hope to use this project as a platform from which future projects can grow!


Bone Collection, Helen Seiver

What’s next?

Our next project is “Artists at the Helm”.

Helms Block forms part of our state forest near Jalbarragup in Australia’s South West. It is home to an array of flora and fauna including old growth trees and cockatoos. These cockatoos, Baudin’s and Carnaby’s black cockatoos, are endangered. However, this habitat (their habitat) is under threat from logging.

With legislation now making it increasingly difficult for traditional forms of protest, it is time to get smart, and go with art! Hence, we propose to put artists at the helm of environmental conversations on Helms Block.

Find out more at the Artists at the Helm blog.


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